Omega Data, LLC.

Omega Data, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Omega International Group, Inc. Omega Data has focused on enabling clients to achieve world-class performance by its business consulting and IT integration services. By mixing what we know the characteristics of world-class performance and how the world¡¯s leading companies achieve it, we provide business and technology solutions based on our unique knowledge with multi-cultural elements that have been proven best practice by industry worldwide. Our integrated services to donor agencies promote best practices ensuring that Omega Data's best resources, lessons learned, and methodologies enhance the quality and impact of every project. We create innovative and effective approaches to privatization, enterprise restructuring, marketing and trade, institutional strengthening, and the management of institutional change, among many other areas.

Our goal is to choose the perfect proposal for our clients...

Providing solution in corporate strategy, operating strategy, and functioning strategy etc., focusing on current needs from Chinese enterprises, solving problems from competition, diversifications, international development, operations process, and corporate management infrastructure within enterprise

  • Corporate Strategy Consultation
  • Corporate IT System Design
  • Software Development
  • IT Training
  • IT Services
  • Corporate Management Consultation
  • System Solutions£¨ERP, CRM£©
  • Import & Export on Technology
  • Information System Inspections
  • Electronic Commercial Mobile Services
General Proposals

  • Highly Concentrated
  • Standardization
  • Long Term Proposals
  • User-friendly
  • Higher Costs
  • Problems from Fully Adaptation
  • Tedious Operations
  • Time Consuming
Perfect Proposals

  • Specific Purpose on Operations and Functions
  • More Functions
  • Low Customer Orientation
  • Low costs
  • Low Demand on Resources
  • No disturbance on Operation
  • Needs to work with other systems ¨Cnot 100% successful
  • Satisfaction from Market Sales
  • Not highly effective
  • ERP is more popular in other corporations
Success Stories

  • CRM
    Since 1998, Omega Data has built 17 call centers in China with customer relationship management solution to power utility industry. Omega Data is the market leader who brought the CRM concept into the Chinese market place.
  • ERP
    Omega deployed the largest ERP implementation that included 17 PeopleSoft modules for a power utility solution in Asia. The project involved business process reengineering and ERP implementation.
  • NGMP
    Omega Data is the market leader who developed wireless intelligence platform with Motorola and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as Enterprise Operation Support System(EOSS) solution for the largest power